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How to Get Free Wedding Cake Catalogs

When it comes to picking out your wedding cake, it’s best to look at as many pictures of other weddings cakes to get the best idea of what you want, what can be done, and so forth. And the best way to look at different wedding cakes is to get a free wedding cake catalog. Read on to find out how to get yours.


  1. Check out This website has a downloadable free wedding cake catalog as well as other great information concerning wedding cakes. It’s really a great resource.
  2. Pick up the latest issue of Modern Bride. Many different bridal magazines have ads and pictures of wedding cakes.
  3. Free wedding cake catalogs are available online. Visit It has so many wedding cake pictures and they are divided into categories so if you already have a themed or color scheme picked out, you can easily find the perfect wedding cake for you.
  4. This site has over 400 pictures of awesome wedding cakes.
  5. Can’t find the perfect cake of your dreams? Or you found one but the creator lives halfway across the States? No problem. Go to your local bridal show. Taste the different cake samples. Find the baker that you loved the cake, even if you don’t care for the cake they displayed. Make an appointment with them and show them the cake you love. Most likely, they will be able to duplicate it. Or, if you never found the perfect one, tell them your theme. They know cakes better than you (that’s why they are in the business) they may be able to come up with an idea that you and your future spouse will both enjoy.
  6. My husband and I had a Renaissance themed wedding so I wanted a castle shaped wedding cake. I went to the Village Bake Shoppe and asked if they had ever done one before. They hadn’t but were confident that they could make one. The sketch he drew was beautiful, with a vine draped across the castle and flowers and towers on top. The cake was beautiful and delicious, just like yours will be! Good luck finding your perfect wedding cake!

Flower Ideas for a September Wedding

September marks the transition from summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, colors and flowers for a September wedding are sometimes the source of some anxiety, but the crossover actually allows for a celebration of personal taste. Remember to take advantage of what is in season. The list of September flowers is extensive, so consider the setting as well for additional guidance. If this is a beach wedding, for example, deep blues and purples complement the location and the season. Most importantly, trust your own taste and keep things elegant by staying minimal, selecting a few flowers and then increasing the quantity of those blooms.

Blues and Purples

  • If you are having a beach, outdoor pool or lakeside wedding, or a wedding in a wide open space with a big sky overhead, pay tribute to the blues in the setting. Since light blue is a bit cool, head for darker blues and purples that are richer and more regal. Deeper hues herald the oncoming fall season while staying true to summer, and in September, these colors abound. In this category, think of lavender hydrangeas, assorted phlox, deep blue delphinium and lisianthus in a velvety, dark purple. Statice flowers also come in beautiful shades of violet, as does trachelium and the elegant Veronica flowers. Your bouquet should not be composed exclusively of these colors. Liberally mix in whites and greens (white hydrangea and bells of Ireland, for instance) to soften the color palette.
    Add lovely delphiniums to your bouquet.

Golds and Yellows

  • For mountain weddings, or weddings in the north of the country where the leaves turn early, think about golds and yellows. These color choices are symbolic of sun and harvest. Light amber and bright yellow are cheery colors, while adding deeper oranges and brown will emphasize a warm, rustic mood. Yellow gladiolas, golden stargazer lilies, yellow roses and calla lilies are classic choices. If the wedding is in an area where fall comes late, sunflowers are appropriate, particularly for a wedding outdoors and in the country. To warm things up a tad, add Chinese lanterns to the bouquet, along with orange godetia and scarlet boronia. Greens, whites and pinks complement the yellows in the bouquet wonderfully.
    Burnished, sunset-colored lilies wink at the oncoming fall.

Reds and Oranges

  • If fall comes early, reds and oranges are favored colors. Go for shades of cranberry, russet, brick and plum. Deep red, like that of red roses, is formal and sophisticated which works especially well for indoor and evening weddings. A fete that celebrates the outdoors does best with joyful, if more humble, selections. Carmine yarrow and assorted wildflowers suit this mood well. Peonies, one of the most romantic wedding flowers, in full-bodied colors suit both indoor and outdoor weddings. Ranunculus is equally versatile, although stick to its more decadent reds, oranges and deep pinks. Bouquets made up of these pretty blooms should make use of greenery and avoid whites since the combination of white and red can be jarring.
    Opulent red peonies are gorgeous in September bouquets.

Ideas for Fresh Flower Arrangements on a Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a major part of the wedding reception and celebration. There are a wide range of wedding cake design options, among which is the use of fresh flowers on the cake. Fresh flowers are ornamental and add an elegant touch to the cake’s decor for both an informal and formal wedding reception.

Topped in Flowers

  • Wedding cakes can feature flower toppings, or fresh flowers displayed only on the top of the cake. The flowers can be arranged in any preferred way, though usually only the tops of the flowers are used, not the stems, and then placed on the top layer of cake. This fresh flower design often replaces the wedding cake topper.

Flower Petals Cake

  • To evoke a simple and romantic feeling, decorate the cake with flower petals rather than full flower blooms. Remove the petals from your desired flowers, such as roses, and make a pile of the petals. Then sprinkle the petals over the cake’s layers, allowing them to pool and fall in random patterns. If desired, a flower topper can be added to the cake or you can use only the petals as decor; the choice is yours.

Cascading Flowers

  • Cascading flower designs for the wedding cake start on the cake’s top layer with a flower topper and then feature flowers cascading or falling over the cake’s sides and down its entire length. The size of the arrangement can either lessen as it moves down the cake or you can add a second display of flowers at the bottom of the cake that matches the flowers used on top, creating a waterfall effect.

Ringed in Flowers

  • Flowers do not need to start at the cake’s top and work downward. Instead, fresh flowers can be placed around the cake in decorative rings connected by strings of pearls or frosting made to look like pearls. Alternatively, line the base of the cake with a ring of flowers and use flowers to accent each tier of the cake, forming gradually smaller rings of flowers. Top the cake with either a fresh flower topper or with any other preferred topper decoration.

List of Wedding Flowers for Fall

If you’re planning a fall wedding, explore the option of using seasonal flowers. Not only will they be less expensive, but they’ll also naturally fit in with the theme and general color scheme of your wedding, offering a burst of color and brightness as the sky takes on a grayer hue.


  • Chrysanthemums are truly a fall flower, but can be found year-round from any florist. The flower comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes from daisy-like to buttons and pompons. Along with their diverse look, they also come in a range of colors like red, white, purple and the traditional yellow. The chrysanthemum’s range of style and coloring make it a good choice as filler to bouquets and ceremony flowers.


  • A beautiful and coveted flower coming into season for the fall is the dahlia. Dahlias, originally from Mexico, are now found around the world in vibrant reds and yellows. Dahlias are sought after for their numerous petals and make an elegant addition to any centerpiece or ceremony pieces.


  • The hydrangea season creeps into fall, making it a classic choice for any wedding. The hydrangea can be found in the fall in a wide range of colors, as the color of the flower is dependent on the acidity of the soil. Hydrangeas tend to be less expensive and easy to obtain compared to other fall flowers.


  • The kniphofia, which originates from southern and eastern Africa, may be found at most floral shops. The kniphofia are known for their red and orange spiky-like hanging flowers that give them their nicknames red hot poker and torch lily. The kniphofia is normally used for table displays and centerpieces in fall settings.

Australia Is a Beautiful Place to Tie the Knot

A marriage is forever, but the day you tie the knot will pass by in the blink of an eye. The wedding day is the most magical day in a couple’s life, and you want to be sure yours is a memorable one for all the right reasons. The celebration of new beginnings is not just emotional but remains a treasured memory that will last as long as you do.

A wedding is an affair that requires meticulous organisation and planning over a prolonged period of time. The bride and groom will require all the assistance possible to make sure every last detail is perfect.

Things to Remember while Planning Your Wedding

If you are the bride or the groom, you have probably been on edge since the wedding date was set, and the closer you get to the big day, the more overwhelmed you are bound to feel. No amount of time is ever good enough to plan the perfect wedding. Hence, it is in everybody’s best interests to keep a few helpful planning tips in mind.

  • Make a to-do list: sit with your parents (they have been through this) and your best friends and jot down the things that are absolutely necessary for your wedding. List them in order of your priorities so that in case of emergencies, you can simply strike things down from the list.
  • Venue and dress: these two need to be completed together, if possible. Your wedding dress should reflect who you are. Do not blindly copy designs for your dress. Make sure you wear something that flatters you and makes you appear sophisticated, elegant, classy, and beautiful. When he sees you walking down the aisle, make sure his jaw drops. There will be more on venues later.
  • Catering: decide on a menu that will appeal to the majority of your guests. Be sure to taste the samples personally. We do not want guests to complain about sub-standard food or wine.
  • Music, photographer and videographer: it’s your wedding day. You need to dance; you need to make sure your second cousin’s embarrassing drunkenness is captured on tape, and you definitely need to make sure your special moments are preserved. Hire the best DJ/band, videographer, and photographer you can afford.
  • Take time for yourself: weddings can be hectic. Do not go planning about it 24/7. Relax, take a deep breath, and take things easy.

Wedding Venues

Australia is a place that lovers around the world mark as their ideal location to tie the knot, and wedding venues in Sydney are plentiful. You will want to find and book your dream venue as early as possible, but before you do, there are some important factors to consider.

  • Your wedding venue is dependent on the size of your wedding. Your guests should feel comfortable no matter how many of them are there.
  • The décor of the venue is important. Make sure you can accommodate your dream arrangements in the venue and that it will not look out of place. This is the place where all the photographs will be taken. Be sure to see that the backdrop and ambience suit your need.
  • Try to secure a venue that offers services like decorating the venue according to your choice, and perhaps, also has tie-ups with good catering services.



Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Without Flowers

Many brides are stepping away from the traditional floral centerpieces and choosing other ideas to decorate the tables at their wedding. Whether they want the centerpieces to be creative, practical or in tune with their theme, there are plenty of ideas for brides who want to think outside the flower box.


  • Candles can create a romantic atmosphere at your guests tables. A cluster of candles alone, or among other decorative items can be formal or casual. A candelabra featuring long, tapered candles compliments a formal wedding. A grouping of three tea candles in holders that are complimentary to your wedding theme makes an attractive centerpiece. The creative bride can make luminaries by stamping her and her groom’s names onto tall, white bags. Add small pebbles and a tea candle inside for a pretty, glowing effect. A few tea lights floating in a bowl of water makes a simple, yet elegant, wedding centerpiece. Whenever candles are used at a dinner table, they should be unscented so guests are not overwhelmed with smells.


  • Edible centerpieces are probably the most practical centerpieces. A centerpiece made from fresh fruit that has been cut to look like flowers is pretty and edible. Encourage the guests to eat the centerpiece, or play a game to have one person take it home. Alternately, a couple of crafty bridesmaids could be asked to make centerpieces with candy, such as lollipops and other candies tied to sticks, that are poked into a Styrofoam cone or ball and decorated with ribbon. For a spring or summer wedding, lemons and limes lined up in a tall, thin vase with a ribbon tied around it is a fresh arrangement for a wedding with a similar color scheme.


  • Use the season, theme or destination of the wedding to create a wedding centerpiece. If the wedding is at the ocean, an arrangement of seashells, sand and tea lights on a silver platter could be an extension of the theme. For a fall wedding, use seasonal vegetables coming out from a cornucopia. Tree branches with lights entwined are a pretty centerpiece for the fall. Incorporate peacock feathers or crystals into centerpieces with candles, according to the type of wedding you are having. Pussy willows in vases bring signs of spring into a April or May wedding.

Wish Tree

  • Place a small wish tree on each table. A traditional Dutch wedding custom, guests are encouraged to write their wishes for the bride and groom on a piece of paper that is then tied to the tree. The paper can be in a rectangular shape or the shape of a leaf. The tree can consist of branches placed into a vase, or can be purchased ready-made. Beads or crystals can be strung among the branches to create a sparkling effect.